DBT ABCs to get you through the holidays - Center for Evidence Based Treatment Orange County DBT and CBT
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DBT ABCs to get you through the holidays

DBT ABCs to get you through the holidays

I feel it in the air — stress. Most of us are getting ready for the holidays, which means planning events, shopping for loved ones, trying to get ahead at work, and for some of us — worrying about family interactions that historically have not ended well. What to do?

In DBT, we use the ABCs.

Accumulate positives – schedule some pleasant and relaxing events now!

Building mastery – do one thing a day that makes you feel like you accomplished something.

Cope ahead – plan on how you will manage difficult family interactions when you are not in the thick of it.

May you be happy

May you be safe

May you be free

May you be at peace

To all!