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Practice Loving Kindness

Practice Loving Kindness

What do you do when you struggle to let go of resentments? Maybe you woke up and started thinking about a co-worker who says things that make you uncomfortable or a boss who doesn’t talk respectfully to you. You can stay miserable or you can use a very helpful meditation to help change how you feel about the person, which would make it more effective if you chose to use interpersonal skills.

Start by thinking of someone you genuinely love and think the following phrases, while observing how you feel:

May you be happy.
May you be safe.
May you be healthy, peaceful, and strong.
May you give and receive appreciation today.

Now try it again with someone you do not care for, while trying to experience the emotion you felt for the person you care about and think the phrases again.

If you struggle with self-acceptance/love, try it again, this time thinking:

May I be happy.
May I be safe.
May I be healthy, peaceful, and strong.
May I give and receive appreciation today.

Try thinking of this phrase regarding all beings.

The following link discusses lovingkindness: